Pat Barry
PAB Consulting

Portfolio: Information Architecture, Web Design & Usability

Information architecture, web design, and usability are so closely inter-related that I've grouped them together, although usability goes beyond these other two to apply to everyday objects as well and my samples reflect that with a paper about the usability of a camera.

Information Architecture
I was a team member on two information architecture projects at Allstate Life Insurance Company. In graduate school, I studied examples of good and bad web site architectures and developed the architecture for this portfolio site.

    Portfolio Categories

    Skills Used
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Document Object Model (DOM)
  • Site planning
  • Usability test planning
  • Web page design
  • Information architecture
  • Usability principles
  • Spatial perception
  • Application testing
  • User documentation
  • Visio
  • PowerPoint
Web Design
Web Design
I wrote my first web page about 15 years ago and have been using HTML ever since. The photo viewer shown here uses CSS and JavaScript. I converted a user manual I wrote into a web version and developed this portfolio site as well, all by hand using Notepad.
Usability - Poor - ING
I performed a heuristic usability review of a web site maintenance application and the client implemented several of my recommendations. I reviewed a camera relative to well-established usability criteria and developed a usability test plan for a university's web site. I also collect examples of poor usability and share the best one here.