Pat Barry
PAB Consulting

Portfolio: Information Architecture, Web Design & Usability

~ Web Design ~

I wrote my first web page about 15 years ago for my own floral design company and have been using HTML ever since. I have also done some work with the Document Object Model using Cascading Style Sheets and JavaScript, as shown with the photo viewer here. I converted a user manual I wrote into a web version and developed this portfolio site as well, all by hand using Notepad. I developed the site's wireframes and structure map in Visio.

Thumbnail of JavaScript Photo Viewer
Web Design: JavaScript Picture Viewer
This picture viewer uses Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) & JavaScript to present multiple photos in a single HTML file, eliminating the need to create separate pages for each image.

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    Skills Used
  • CSS, JavaScript
  • Visio
  • Information Architecture
MT-Organizer Web Version
Web Version of MT-Organizer User Manual
I converted a user manual I wrote for MT-Organizer, a freeware contacts and calendar application, to a web version. See the Original manual to compare the two.
Portfolio Site Wireframes (pdf)
These are the wireframes I started this site with. I changed some things from these original plans but the basic structure and navigation have stayed the same.
Portfolio Site Map (pdf)
This document is a map of this site's hierarchy and structure. I created it in Visio and use it as a starting point when making any changes to this site.