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I have over 20 years of professional experience in the financial services industry, in a breadth of roles that has allowed me to apply my innate curiosity and analytical abilities to solve problems and create understanding. I also have 5 years of experience working with clients in numerous industries documenting their business processes. I've summarized my experience into the four broad categories below and have provided links to pages with samples and descriptions of my work in each area.

Links to Freelancing Samples page.
Freelancer Samples
I have been helping clients document their business processes (visually and in writing) for almost 5 years via Upwork & Guru and am now doing so full time. I have over 2100 hours billed (not including fixed-price projects) and a 97% Job Success score. I show actual anonymized samples here that demonstrate the breadth of my work in many industries including real estate, construction, manufacturing, engineering, and education. Visit my Upwork profile page!.
Links to Writing and Editing Samples page.
Technical Writing & Editing
I have gathered user requirements, documented process flows, developed project plans, and written reports of all kinds in my career. And in my graduate work, I developed and practiced skills in a wide variety of genres and styles as these samples demonstrate.
Links to Info Architecture, Web & Usability Samples
Information Architecture, Web Design, & Usability
I performed a heuristic usablity review of the Samaritan Consulting proprietary Web site maintenance application. I also played a pivotal role on two Information Architecture teams at Allstate Life Insurance Company, in addition to re-designing the Web site for the Pat's Petals floral design company.
Links to BSC & BPM Samples
Business Process Management
I have extensive experence documenting cross-functional processes and facilitating teams to measure and improve their performance. I also worked with profit center leaders to deploy process management from the top down by defining a process that had been purely conceptual and co-faciltating them to develop and implement a Balanced Scorecard to measure progress.