Pat Barry
PAB Consulting

Portfolio: Technical Writing & Editing

I have documented project plans, user requirements, functional specifications, and information architectures, in addition to countless memos and status reports. I have always been commended as an articulate communicator able to succinctly and clearly describe technical concepts both verbally and in writing. This page describes some specific types of documentation I've created and provides links to samples demonstrating these points.

Task Coach Software Documentation Package
Software Documentation
This package documents the TaskCoach application and includes a documentation plan, installation guide, User Manual, FAQs, and a quick reference card, demonstrating my ability to understand beginners' and experts' differing needs in software documentation.

    Portfolio Categories

    Skills Used
  • Audience analysis
  • Document planning
  • Knowledge extraction
  • Grammar
  • Style guides
  • Style sheet development
  • Advanced MS Word
  • Indexing
  • Analysis
  • Persuasiveness
  • Copy editing
  • Developmental editing
  • User documentation
  • Teamwork
  • Application testing
  • Spatial perception
  • Business planning
I edited a page from Northeastern University's web site and a professor asked for permission to submit it to the site's maintenance staff. The sample featured here is of a comprehensive edit done for a small YWCA staff manual.
Single Sourcing
Single Sourcing
This project began with developing technical specifications for an ordinary household object. I then wrote a whitepaper using the same, but expanded, information and designed a web page that included information from both of those documents.
Assorted Genres
Throughout my career I have written project plans, analysis results, presentations, status reports, and memos. In my coursework at Northeastern University I practiced numerous other genres as well.