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Portfolio: Information Architecture, Web Design & Usability

~ Usability ~

Usability was one of my favorite courses in graduate school because improving things, all kinds of things, comes naturally to me. I performed a heuristic usability review of a web site maintenance application and the client implemented several of my recommendations. I reviewed a camera relative to well-established usability criteria and developed a usability test plan for a university's web site. I also collect examples of poor usability and share the best one here.

Usability Test Plan (pdf)
This document outlines a plan for conducting a usability test of certain functions on Northeastern University’s web site. It includes background and post-test questionnaires, methodology, and evaluation criteria.

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    Skills Used
  • Document planning
  • Usability heuristics
  • IA principles
  • JavaScript
  • Analysis
  • PowerPoint
Usability Review
Usability Product Review (pdf)
In this paper I review the usability of a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W120 camera pointing out positive and negative usability characteristics along the dimensions suggested by Jakob Nielsen.
Usability - Poor - ING
Usability Example - ING Direct (pdf)
I have started to collect examples of poor usability and this is the poorest one yet. ING Direct's site has the most obscure path to Account Maintenance imaginable.
NEU Policies & Procedures
Improve an Information Architecture (pdf)
Here I recommended that navigation be added to a web page that was 25 pages long and that required users to scroll through it all to see if what they are looking for might be there. Here's the page as it was in November of 2008.
Heuristic Usability Review
I performed a heuristic usability review for Samaritan Consulting. I analyzed their web site maintenance application's functionality and organization relative to standard usability principles. The client implemented several of my recommendations.