Pat Barry
PAB Consulting

Portfolio: Freelance Process Mapping

I have been helping clients document their business processes (visually and in writing) for over 5 years via Upwork & Guru and am now doing so full time. I have over 2100 hours billed (not including fixed-price projects) and a 100% Job Success score. I show actual anonymized samples here that demonstrate the breadth of my work in many industries including real estate, construction, manufacturing, engineering, and education. Visit my Upwork profile page.

Links to Engineering Sample.
Engineering Process Map
This project involved mapping all the processes for a large engineering firm. This map ended up being 11 ledger-size pages wide. This method of coloring and labeling each step helped keep track of which department was in which lane.

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    Skills Used
  • Client communication
  • Client product understanding
  • Spatial perception & balance
  • Knowledge extraction
  • Process design
  • Visio
  • Lucidchart
  • Lucidchart Layers
  • Embedding a Lucidchart document in a webpage
  • Color theory
Transaction Processing
Transaction Processing Flowchart
This project involved mapping all of a large oil distributer's Customer Service processes down to the detailed instruction level. This map shows how their transaction handling varied by product type and payment method.
Lucidchart Layers Sample
Lucidchart Layers Sample
The embedded Lucidchart document uses layers to control the information revealed in a presentation. Click on the panels to reveal the content in each one and click again to hide it.
Organization Chart
Organization Chart
This organization chart for Zigbee Alliance utilized fonts and colors provided in their style guide. Information not publicly available has been replaced with generic text.
Mobile App & Website Interface
Mobile App & Website Interface
This diagram reflects how a mobile app will interact with a website dashboard, showing the data flow between components.
Complex Data Flow Diagram
Complex Data Flow Diagram
This diagram visually represents the data flow of a proposed system a client was builing. I did the work in Visio and then uploaded it into Lucidchart, the client's preferred tool.