Pat Barry
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Portfolio: Technical Writing & Editing

~ Editing ~

I am a natural born editor. I can see how to organize information and am detail-oriented enough to notice the little things. In fact, I collect what I call "bloopers" from reputable print and online sources. This page presents several different levels of editing work.

Comprehensive Edit
Developmental Edit
This project was to perform a comprehensive edit of a staff manual that was very disorganized and had missing and conflicting information. It also needed headings and a table of contents to aid navigation.

    Portfolio Categories

    Skills Used
  • Audience analysis
  • Document planning
  • Grammar
  • Style guides
  • Style sheet development
  • Analysis
  • Copy editing
  • Developmental editing
Edit For Clarity
Edit for Clarity (pdf)
This document contains both the original and the revised paragraphs. The original used non-existing terms and was very confusing. My editing rationale is included here as well.
Edit for Tone
Edit for Tone (pdf)
This document contains both the original and the revised interoffice memo. The original was unprofessional and the instructions were not well laid out. I edited for tone and formatted the instructions so they were easy to read and follow.
Edit for Structure & Flow (pdf)
The original document, describing how binoculars work, was disorganized and lacked flow. Adding additional headings, reorganizing segments, and removing redundant information made for a much better document.