Pat Barry
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Portfolio: Technical Writing & Editing

~ Assorted Genres ~

This page presents a wide variety of document types that show the breadth of my abilities.

Abstract & Article
Abstract (pdf)
This abstract concisely summarizes an article from the January, 2009, issue of Vanity Fair magazine. The original article is included here but you can see it online at the Vanity Fair site.

    Portfolio Categories

    Skills Used
  • Audience analysis
  • Document planning
  • Grammar
  • MS Word
  • MS PowerPoint
  • Analysis
  • Persuasiveness
  • Spatial perception
  • Business planning
Camera Comparison
Recommendation Report (pdf)
This report analyzes four "entry-level" cameras (defined as costing under $400) along four criteria and makes a recommendation as to the best one for the money.
Business Case
Business Case (pdf)
This document presents the case for a project team to acquire and implement a content management system for a division of a publishing company.
Screwdriver Technical Specs
Technical Specifications (pdf)
These are the technical specifications of a screwdriver I have at home, with additional content added regarding the materials it's made from. The point was to describe all the relevant materials and dimensions as thoroughly as possible.
Description (pdf)
This technical description of a simple swinging picture frame demonstrates my ability to see and accurately describe the details of an object and to effectively choose images that enhance the reader's understanding.
Info Needs Page 1
Persuasive Memo (pdf)
This memo attempts to persuade a management team to implement a new measurement of effectiveness based on an analysis of the data in page 2.