MT-Organizer is a compact Windows application to manage contact information for family, friends, and work associates. It has a calendar feature that enables you to establish and view events, set the date and time for reminders of all kinds, and select how you want to be reminded. It is available as a freeware program but only for personal use.

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This web site documents MT-Organizer's features and provides instructions to use them effectively. This page presents an overview of the MT-Organizer program and the conventions used in the documentation. Contact information for assistance with the documentation is given at the end of the page.

Conventions used  top

This manual uses the following conventions throughout:

MTO: This is the abbreviation used to refer to the MT-Organizer program.

→ Tip: Suggests a helpful way to use the program.

Note: Alerts you to situations or system responses you might not expect or to options you might want to know about.

Caution: Warns of a potential loss of data or other serious issue to consider before moving forward.

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This documentation is available for download in PDF format.

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If you have any questions about this manual, please feel free to contact the MT-Organizer Manual author by email at: Contact the developer at

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